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Ceremony Add-Ons

Want to enhance your day with something special? Stir in some extra love by choosing any of the options listed here.  This will enable your officiant to make your day a work of art completely customized for you! 

Blending of the sands at wedding ceremony.jpg

Sand Ceremony

Blend together the sand color of your choice as a representation of two individuals becoming one. Once blended, the grains are bound and can never be separated. 

Alcoholic Drinks

A Shot of Love

Looking for something to add a little heat to your special day? Try taking a shot of tequila or whiskey with your love! A quality liquor can keep you warm but also help you deal with rough times, just as a great partner will! You pick the liquor and we bring the glasses!

Exchanging Rings

Hand Blessing

"To have and to hold" is for far more than you think. Choose to be reminded of everything your spouse's hands mean throughout your marriage. Bless the hands that shall keep your love forevermore. 

Planting a Tree

Rooted in Love

Marriage is built on a well nurtured foundation. Planting seeds or potting a plant will remind you both to stay grounded by nourishing and watering it's roots. 

Wine Deliveries

Love Letter & Wine

Time Capsule

Create a time capsule of love by writing letters to one another which can only be exchange and read over a glass of wine on your one year anniversary. Repeat this act every year for an added element of love!

Blank Envelopes

Wedding Prayers

Your family and friends will really love this one! Allow your guests to create prayers and offer their best wishes for your union. Read these when you need a "pick me up" or if rough times arise.


Jumping the Broom

An African American tradition meant to sweep away the old to make for a new beginning. The couple will hold the broom together to symbolize their union as they and sweep around their circle of love. 


Light a Candle for Your Love 

Two candles symbolizing the spirits entering into the marriage. Both candles will be used to ignite one candle, the flame of love that shall forever be a guiding  light  for your union. 

Cups of Coffee

A Cup of Love

For couples who share a love of coffee!! Select your choice of milk or creamer to mix with coffee in a single cup. You both will drink from it as a symbol of your unmistakable unity. 

*Tea can also be used

Songkran Thailand theme kid washing the feet of parents and elderly people with rose and j

Feet Washing

A key factor of marriage is service, this option is an act of humility. Washing the feet of your partner is an action that states neither of you are placed above the other. 

Image by Felicia Montenegro

Cord Braiding

One strand for the individuals brought together the power of God  to create one strong union. These 3 strand shall be woven together to create a cord of love that cannot easily be torn apart. 

Bunch of roses

Rose Ceremony

Join your two families in a special way by using two different colored roses as a symbol of love being exchanged. The couple will give roses to one another, followed by family members blended the rose colors in a ready vase, handed to the couple or laying them at their feet. 

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