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Meet Your Notary and Minister, Courtney B
Welcome to Abundant Notary Services where convenience services are provided in excellence! I am Courtney B, your local Notary and Wedding Minister.
I have 17 years of serving my community by being involved in the process of buying and selling property, volunteering to plant trees and even wed some of my neighbors! I provide quality customer service, patience, and I'm happy to provide these same qualities and more as your Wedding Minister.
I specialize in elopements and micro-weddings, as well as small to large wedding ceremonies. I will customize your script and ensure that your entire ceremony is personalized around your love story!
You needn't look any further because ANS has your back!
Your Notary and Wedding Minister, 
Courtney B.

How Did I Get Here?

I'm a Florida resident, born and raised in the Tampa Bay area but I've since moved to Orlando Florida. During my 35 years on this planet there is one thing that has always been constant in my life, providing service to others. 

Growing up my mother served our community through nursing, I learned how to care for others by watching her undying dedication. My mother passed in the very same hospital she worked in for decades and from watching her love of service, 2 of my sisters chose the same route as well. But I always knew I wanted to invest my life in a different way, never mind the fact that I would faint at any sight of blood!

Prior to becoming a Notary, I was a Financial Aid Professional and decided that working under florescent lights just wasn't my shtick. So after doing some research on other industries, I became a Notary Public in November 2021 and began my mobile journey serving my city in a way that was completely new and exciting! 

A month into this new journey I was asked to officiate a wedding and having no idea what it meant to fill such a role I again began doing research... What I discovered was a whole new world, an exciting and fresh way to be of service to my community! After that one ceremony I was hooked on being apart a sacred union that only the luckiest of folks get to witness! 

Flash forward to February 22,2022 where I had 3 ceremonies in one day and have been on this love train ever since! I am drawn to all things relevant to love, poetry and the honor of being chosen to guide couples into their forever lead me to learn more efficient.  As a lover of love, I now take pride in creating unique ways to personalize ceremonies with my customizable packages for each lovely couple! 

I love what I do so much, I now coach other notaries seeking to join this lovely industry. 


My Story

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